Programme Creators

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Professor Emma Robinson

Emma leads the Psychopharmacology Research Group at the University of Bristol.

The major focus on the group is psychiatry research with a particular interest in emotional behaviour. This work is developed objective methods to quantify affective state in non-human animals and a resulting research programme in laboratory animal welfare and the 3Hs initiative.​

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Julia Bartlett

Julia is a specialist technician working at the University of Bristol in Professor Emma Robinson’s lab.

They have worked in both industry and academia with a range of species from mini pigs to mice and has developed improvements to oral dosing techniques that allow a broader range of drugs to be administered without injection or gavage.

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Dr Megan Jackson

Megan is a researcher at the University of Bristol.

Megan is primarily interested in what we can learn about motivation by studying the natural behaviours of mice. She has developed mouse handling and habituation protocols to minimise stress during procedures and behavioural testing.

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Dr Justyna Hinchcliffe

Justyna is a researcher at the University of Bristol.

Her research interests focus on the links between affective and cognitive processes, especially how reward processing and learning is influenced by the animal’s emotional state. She is interested in the development and validation of objective methods measuring rodents' emotional states, such as recording of ultrasonic vocalisations.

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Dr Jennifer Davies

Jen is interested in animal welfare and methods which can be used to reduce stress and induce more positive affective experiences.

Funded by the NC3Rs, Jen worked on the project investigating male mouse housing and more recently a study looking at chemo signals and stress in companion dogs.